3 Fast and super-efficient ways to clean your bong

clean a dirty sticky bong

A gnarly looking bong messes a good smoke big time. Bongs that go uncleaned or those that do not get a proper sprucing get pretty awkward puffs even with your favorite weed strains. Luckily, you can get all the stains and molds out of your bong. 

How easy is it to get a glass bong sparkling clean? The brittle glass is a challenge. We all love curvy bongs with nice-looking edges. Well, these give tough areas for your bong that normally hold substantial residue and are hard to get to for cleaning. 

Does that mean you can’t get your bong ready for the next puff with friends? Heck NO! 

We tried several ways that make it easy peasy to have your bong clear of any residue. You won’t believe how new your bong will look with these easy less than 5 minute methods that we found out to clean your bong. 

Orange chronic cleaner

Many users of the orange chronic cleaner say it is simply powerful and efficient. Why is this so? The orange chronic cleaner cleared all gunk that slowly builds up despite using other cleaning methods before. If you wanted not to just get the gunk out of your bong but give it a clean look, the chronic cleaner is all that you need. 

The hidden story behind why the orange chronic cleaner is a favorite is its ease of use. Also, if you have a friend popping up and needs to share your bong, this is what gets it ready for them with a sparkling look. 

How to use orange chronic cleaner

  1. Disassemble your bong and have all the small parts in a ziplock bag. Add a small but sufficient amount of Orange Chronic cleaner solution in the bag and swirl it around slowly to ensure all small parts surfaces get a hit of the solution. Set the bag aside as you deal with the main chamber. 
  2. Thoroughly rinse the main bong chamber with tap water before adding the orange chronic cleaner. Now, if you’ve never used the cleaning solution before, you may need to use a bottle brush to get rid of the complex gunk. 
  3. It takes less than 5 minutes for the chamber to be ready for the last rinse using water.

The chronic orange cleaner is a fast and easy to use method for making every part of your bong and getting it to look brand new off the shelf. The icing on the crown? It is affordable and leaves no aftertaste smell. 

Warm water and dish soap

Your dish soap can prove to be good to get your bong cleaned up. Yes, the complex cannabis residue may get hard to break into but using the soap with warm water and a little scrubbing works the magic. 

Here is how you can get your bong cleaned up with warm water and dish soap. 

  1. Always, the first step to getting an all-round clean bong is to disassemble it and have the small parts in ziplock bags. Add a small amount of your dish soap to the bag before pouring in a substantial amount of clean warm water. For this method, each of the small parts may need a separate bag as the shaking may be more rigorous than the other method. Shake the bags while giving them a good swirl, one after the other. Work on the main chamber as the small parts soak.
  2. For the main chamber, add warm water and a small amount of dish soap. Shake the solution inside and swirl the bong to ensure that both the downstem and the tube get soaked and cleaned thoroughly. 
  3. Pour out the water in the main chamber and get the small parts out of the ziplock bags. Rinse the parts thoroughly with running water until there is no soap left in the bong.

For this method, using a small amount of soap and rinsing thoroughly with lots of running water ensures that you never get soapy after taste with your next puff. You may not want a friend experiencing the same with your self-cleaned bong.

Hot boiling water

Be careful with the hot boiling water to avoid burns. This method is a basic one and works for a weekly cleaned bong with thin layers of weed residue. The procedure is simple and will need less swirling and shaking.

  1. Get your water to boil or near the boiling point. 
  2. DIsassemble your bong and get the small parts in a food-grade container that can be sealed. 
  3. Add the hot water into the container with small parts until they are all submerged completely before sealing it tightly. 
  4. Use rubber stoppers to seal the downstem and fill the main chamber with the hot water. 
  5. Seal the mouthpiece end with a rubber stopper. Wear oven mitts to slowly shake the hot water in the main tube. 
  6. After five minutes, pour out the hot water in the main chamber and get the small parts out of the container. Use warm water to rinse your bong thoroughly. 

To avoid shattering your glass bong, warm it up with water before pouring in the hot water. For the same reason use warm water to rinse in place of cold water. 

Your take

Cleaning your bong regularly makes it last longer and avoids complex stains that need extensive cleaning sessions. Also, change your old bong water to avoid the stains that come with mold build-up. Mineral free water also ensures that you do not get more stains from mineral deposits. If you can’t get mineral-free water, use lemon juice to get rid of water stains.

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