About Me

Hi, I Am Bruno.

Cannabis content marketing is complex. I have, however, found a way to make it simple even with ever-varying regulations and industry jargon. I help cannabis businesses generate new leads and engage current followers with factual, simplified, and conversational content. I believe content writing and marketing are vital pillars of branding your business and I will add tremendous value to your marketing team.

Cannabis content wrier


What I Do For Cannabis Businesses

You are not just getting any writer! Here is what I bring to the table  

  1. Great copywriting skills and knowledge. I know how much conversions matter and how to get them for you.  
  2. With 5+ years as a cannabis writer, you are getting a thought leader with strong knowledge of online cannabis research, fact-checking, and marketing regulations in the USA, UK, NZ, Canada, Australia, and Africa.  
  3. A digital marketer with an insatiable appetite for splendid cannabis content creation. How about content marketing in the place of usual content writing? 
  4. SEO rank specialist to hack those low competition and high traffic keywords and optimize them naturally.  
  5. A professional freelancer. Timely communication, easy to get along with, patient and consistent with quality content.  

Not all writers are cannabis writers and not all cannabis writers are cannabis content marketers.