Freelance cannabis copywriter & SEO content marketer

I will help you grow and engage your online audience with factual, well researched and SEO optimized content

90.63% of pages get zero traffic from Google.

Yours should not be one of them

How smooth is your content creation process? Does your content add value to your cannabis marketing strategy? Are you struggling with getting the best CBD content writer through content mills? Do you ever get content that is not compliant to FDA or state cannabis marketing regulations? Content that shows little to no understanding of your business and the cannabis industry?

Here Is What I Do Best

Get your website seen

I create content that gets seen by the right eyes. I strive to understand what your audience needs to know before shooting my content ideas every time.

Connect & Convert

When readers visit your website, the only thing that gets to my mind is getting them to connect with your content, get convinced, and converted into your website insiders.

Communicate value

What better way to gain their trust than offering value in your content? Rubber stamp your authority and let them see the value of your brand and products in their lifestyles.

Make passers buy

So many cannabis products online? No worries! Stay calm and love the concept of marketing your brand. After all, we have fewer brands than products, right?

Who I Am

Five years ago, I just a freelance content writer. I am not the same today.

My name is Bruno Eastman and I am a top content and SEO marketer with a sweet tooth for the cannabis niche. I am a proud certified HubSpot Content Marketer and Digital Marketer Labs copywriter.

I help cannabis businesses, both starter ups and established brands, gain more traction in their content creation process. My most vouched for skills are cannabis writing, content creation, social media posting, SEO optimization, and Canva design.

Check out my work

How do you roll a blunt without it falling apart?

How do you roll a blunt without it falling apart?

This guide takes you step by step helping you to roll smooth and even burning blunts like a pro.

Is CBD Scientifically Proven?

Is CBD Scientifically Proven?

With CBD being associated with almost each and every disease, condition and symptom (including COVID 19), what does science have to prove about it?

What to do when you’re too high

What to do when you’re too high

These eight tips will be of great help to any adventurous smoker. You seriously need to learn how to get less high so you can test that super THC packed moonrock roll next time your friend dares you.

How i do it

I use my professionalism and cannabis marketing knowledge to craft every piece of content up to a top-notch standard that converts and adheres to the cannabis marketing regulations in your business region.

My Happy Clients!

Bruno’s skills in writing and design for our CBD e-book are excellent. He knew exactly what we wanted and delivered the project on time. The e-book’s layout and imaging is of excellent quality and his CBD product knowledge, research and technical writing is very good. His response to messages is quick, precise and polite and nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend Bruno for your e-book and we will be working with him again in the very near future. 


Anne & Phil Barrett


This seller nailed this offbeat writing gig! Excellent piece, it was exactly the type of work product we had hoped for. This writer truly delivered, tremendous quality and pro touches. A pleasure to read. Job well done. 


Sid Kali


He listened to my request and made the article exactly like I wanted it. I can’t tell you how much time this saved me. That’s a huge value for me is the time savings. The content quality of his work is very high and the word count and SEO content were right on. He really cares about his craft. I highly recommend his work and would return for more projects.




Not Every Writer Is A Cannabis Writer

Filled to the brim with industry jargon compounded by ever-changing audience interests due to legalization, writing for the cannabis space can be complex. It would be best if you had more than experience and vital research skills. Cannabis writing entails getting updated daily. You need to understand the latest jargon for a just-released product or the latest cannabis marketing guidance from regulatory bodies. The good news is that I live and breathe cannabis content marketing for you.